Design Process

My design process can be complicated at times. Often, I take a “big picture” approach to a project, visualizing all of its aspects from branding to advertising to even the most minute design details. I find it best not restrict myself to budget or time constraints early in a project. I take notes and sketch often. Most importantly, I allow my imagination to wander. My goal is to find a union between the client’s requirements and my imagination.

Once I have established a collection of concept art, I begin to hone the ideas down to more functional and relevant pieces, taking into account color, fonts, layout, etc. After distilling the initial concepts down to their basic essence, I present my ideas to the client. Using their feedback, I fine-tune my designs until we have come to an agreeable solution. After the designs are approved, final production can take place.

As a time-saving measure, I have learned to incorporate part of the production process into the concept development stage. I accomplish this by making adjustments to the designs that aid in printing and digital display. These adjustments include (but are not limited to) the use of Pantone colors, fonts that are tested and functional for web use, and taking into account the necessity to scale the elements for use across multiple types of media (from business cards to posters). By making these adjustments to the art during the development stage, I know that the final pieces will work in production and maintain the client’s image throughout their campaign.